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Vegan Lunch in a Jar Discontinued

Dear Customers,

With Cynthia going back to school, we need to put a hold on our Vegan Lunch in a Jar delivery service. It was a fun ride, and we so appreciate all of your enthusiastic support of our first vegan food business adventure. John never really slows down his cooking obsession however, and is still pondering ideas for the future. In the meantime, we are keeping the business open and available to catering events when possible. Just shoot us an email or call to inquire! And keep eating green! 971-325-1367

Vegan Catering

We may have discontinued our Vegan Lunch in a Jar Delivery service but we are still available for a variety of vegan catering options.  From fancy finger food to complete meals, think of us for your next party or office lunch. We have expanded our options to include fresh bread and other gluten-based items but can always provide a gluten-free option when requested.
We can recreate most of the Lunch in a Jar meals in buffet style which include Indian, Middle-Eastern, Asian, African and Americana themes. As always, we start planning our dishes around what local produce is in season, and summer time is a joyously abundant time to enjoy the fruits of what Northwest growers have to offer. We are even set up cater by bicycle if distance and scale allow.
Just shoot us an email: or call 971-325-1367 to discuss the possibilities. And planning a few weeks in advance is most helpful!