About Our Daily Revolution

Our Daily Revolution is about our love of food, bicycles, animals, the environment and our quest to provide really awesome vegan food without packaging waste. We are a small family business and make everything from scratch in a certified commercial kitchen. We use predominately organic produce, sourcing as much from local farms as we can, changing our menus with what is in season.

Lunch in a Jar: We’ve been using our canning jars to store dry goods and left-overs for years, but then we realized that they make great portable lunch boxes, too. Sturdy and reusable, a wide-mouth pint can hold a surprisingly large amount of food, enough for a satisfying lunch.

Here are some of our Lunch in a Jar offerings:

  • ODR Classic Layered Salad: Roasted yams and beets, herbed garbanzo beans, kale salad massaged with olive oil, lemon and agave and carrot/cabbage slaw with quinoa in a miso dressing
  • Sushi Jar: Brown rice and furikake in sushi seasoning with roasted yams, baked tofu, edamame, and pickled veggies
  • Indian Jar: Seasoned Basmati rice with lentils, curried veggies, and fresh salad greens in cilantro-mint dressing
  • Lebanese Jar: Lentils and rice with za’atar spice and caramelized onions, kebab marinated roasted veggies, lemony salad with baby spinach and parsley
  • Wild Rice Jar: A wild rice medley with sage and rosemary, roasted carrots, canneli beans and our classic slaw with miso dressing
  • Vegan Cowpoke: From scratch baked beans with portabella mushrooms, polenta-kale crumbles and classic slaw

We also offer various side jars, including:

  • Snack jars with roasted almonds and sesame/chia crunchies
  • Rice pudding made with homemade nut milk and orange blossom essence
  • Apple-quinoa cider, a hearty drink with freshly juiced apples, cinnamon and cloves


Our Daily Revolution Vegan Lunch Jars
John Boelling Creates a Batch of Lunches in a Jar