Vegan Lunch Jar Delivery

How it Works:

Any place of business or group with 4 or more interested people can set up a weekly delivery with us (not all 4 people have to order each week, only be interested).

We come on bicycle and arrive within a half-hour window of an established time between 9-noon.

We Currently Deliver:

  • TuesdaysDowntown (which could include close-in Sandy and close-in SE/Waterfront district)
  • WednesdaysNE Hollywood and Lloyd District

The new menu will be posted on Friday mornings. There will be one Lunch Jar and one Dessert/Snack Jar option each week.

You will receive an email reminder so you can check it out and decide whether or not to place an order. You pay on-line through our secure PayPal shopping cart and we deliver to you at your appointed time the following week.

Details for how to receive and return lunch jars are made on a place by place basis (i.e. drop in office kitchen, at front desk, meet outside, etc..)

Because we are going the extra mile to avoid packaging waste, we count on you to return your jars and lids each week (preferably washed). $1 is added to your first order to cover the cost of the jar, and each week you return a jar with your order there is no extra fee.

New Customers:

If you are a New Customer, please fill out this brief form so we can get you on the delivery list.

Since we are a small operation and delivering on bike, we may not be able to serve locations that are out of our delivery route.

Let’s talk!

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Our Daily Revolution Vegan Lunch Delivery